TB Andel New Show @ fado & saudade

He plays World Music based on Portuguese Folk Music with some influences of jazz, fado and afro music.

Playing with an Electric Ukulele custom made with a clean sound, he plays professionally in RL since 1984 with several Portuguese artists touring all over the World… Toronto, Sydney, Boston, Vancouver, Macau, Goa-India, Maputo-Mozambique..etc etc…

And now to our enjoyment he’s touring our virtual world presenting his work.With more than 5000 listeners in a month and hundreds of followers, he’s an example of sucess in SL and a rising star on our Worlds. 

He’ll be  playing for us again @ Saudade e Fado Island (Cassandra of Azores) friday 5th, about 3SL PM;(23h GMT) not only his SL repertory  of instrumental and unforgetable portuguese folk songs (arranged by him) but also a complete set of new originals songs played  with Electric Ukulele and Backing Tracks (Played by himself) with some programming too.

Check his RL band site, Canto da Terra, his personnal homepage or his you tube music videos.

TB Andel @ Saudade & Fado

TB Andel @ Saudade & Fado

~ by Afro on September 3, 2008.

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